Book Expo America 2016 Wrap Up.

Well it has been a very full week, some of it productive, some not so much. Lots of famous Authors, even more not so famous. Highlight Author was Actress/Author Jamie Lee Curtis. We ran into her quite by accident and scored an autograph.

Something I really want to talk about is diversity in the Book World, it’s there but you really have to seek it out. There was a whole section of publishers and authors from all over the world. I had no idea places like Turkey, Spain, Korea, China and Mexico had so much to offer the Book World. But I really want to talk about Mexican, Black and African American Authors. They have so much to offer our communities but the Book World is a very White World. Some would think that it is by design, going back to old prejudice. I do not believe that is true, these Authors are met with open arms from what I see, but few people of diversity choose to be apart of the Book World. Encourage the young, what every their diversity to Read, to Write, to Explore Literacy and Learning. Our future depends on it.